Good nutrition affects so much more than just your waistline.

As a holistic nutritionist, Kelsey is trained to assess many areas of your health, then suggest diet and lifestyle changes to optimize:

  • Digestion

  • Energy

  • Immunity

  • Sleep

  • Weight / body composition

  • Mood, memory & mental well being

  • Sexual & reproductive health

  • Skin, hair and nail health

  • Athletic performance

  • Disease prevention



Nutrition Counseling

Kelsey meets with you in person to assess nutritional needs and create your custom diet and lifestyle plan.


Initial 75-minute intake (in person): $165

30-minute follow-up (phone or in person): $75

Intake + 3 follow-ups (phone or in person): $365


Pantry purge

Kelsey comes to your home to replace problem foods with health-supportive alternatives.


$250 for 3 hours (+ the cost of groceries) 



“Chef Kelsey's food was the right combination of creative and simple, and the fact that she knows so much about nutrition set me at ease."

Rose Pritzker Private chef client in Manhattan