“My family and I had to eliminate dairy, grains, tapioca and almonds from our diet to determine what was causing stomach and skin issues. That's not easy when two picky little boys and a picky husband are involved! Kelsey was able to provide delicious, creative meals which honored our food restrictions and made my life a million times easier. Her nutritional knowledge and her understanding of how to make meals both delicious and healthy gave me the peace of mind to know that my family was in good hands.”

Kaitlin Olson
Actress / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Private chef client in Los Angeles

I love working with Pretty Healthy Foods! Kelsey is super responsive. The food is delicious and fully customized. I have referred many friends to Kelsey who all love the service. It makes my life a lot easier and worth the cost.

Ali B
Personal chef client in New York

I cannot say enough amazing things about Pretty Healthy Foods Chef Jacqui Errigo. We absolutely love every dish that she makes. She takes into account our strange allergies, preferences, and dietary restrictions. She is constantly creating new dishes so that we never get bored. Her food is incredibly healthy which is what we wanted but also tastes incredible. I don’t know how we survived without her. Actually I do remember.. not well - lots of take out, restaurants, wasting of money and eating the same easy to make but boring dishes every day. We are full time working parents of a 1 year old with absolutely no extra time in the day to spend on healthy eating. Jacqui and Pretty Healthy Foods have really changed our lives!

Nanthia and Kevin
Personal chef clients in Los Angeles

The best day of the week in our household is the day chef Laura of Pretty Healthy Foods comes to cook. She is professional and personable, comes fully prepared and organized, cooks efficiently and joyfully, and leaves us with three days of splendid meals. She's been coming to us for 4 months now and has learned our tastes and favorite dishes, and is always game to try something new, not even daunted by a recipe from my husband's Lebanese mother who was a revered cook (and Laura's rendition of the dish was fabulous!). I'm blissful to be relieved of kitchen duty for half the week! Also, I'm impressed by how the company is run, Kelsey Leland the owner checks in often and seems completely up to speed on what Laura is preparing for us, even filled in with her when Laura was on vacation. This is a five-star company and I recommend them highly.

Carol D
Personal chef client in Los Angeles

I cannot say enough amazing things about Kelsey and her company Pretty Healthy Foods. She is the very best healthy chef I have ever found in all of Los Angeles. Working with her this past year has changed my life. I work in a very demanding career and never have time to prepare the types of high quality, nutrient filled, healthy meals I want to eat daily. Over the years I have tried many different services and chefs all of who have fallen short of my expectations in regards to freshness, flavor, modern and current nutrition knowledge, and an understanding of how a modern, healthy woman wants to eat.

When I found Kelsey, everything finally fell into place.   Even with my incredibly high standards, Kelsey has met my expectations week after week after week. I have been so impressed by her and so relieved I found her company.  I honestly couldn't recommend her enough. In my mind she's the best! Thank you Kelsey for finally being the one chef who actually gets me and understands my needs. You are one in a million.

Jennifer M
Personal chef client in Los Angeles

“Kelsey worked with our fertility wellness practice for just under a year and was a fantastic addition to the team. Beyond her natural talent for making healthy food delicious, Kelsey was impeccably professional and was simply a pleasure to work with. She was quick to respond to all emails and communication regarding patients, and she came up with some fantastic menu options for medically restricted diets - no easy feat.  Our patients had nothing but wonderful things to say about Kelsey and we highly recommend her for anyone looking to transition into a healthier way of eating."

Practice Manager, Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness in Manhattan

We met Kelsey in LA while renting a house for a month. We had other 2 chefs before which ended up to be a disaster. We love food but we also enjoy healthy cooking! Kelsey really makes tasty and healthy food which is pretty rare. We called her to one of our houses abroad to teach our chefs a bit of her skills and we are about to use her services again.

Personal chef client in Los Angeles

“Kelsey has a knack for making fresh, healthy meals that are full of flavor. She is lovely to have in our home, is very professional and always does an excellent job with plating and times things perfectly. We've used Kelsey for large dinner parties, but we also love having her stock the fridge before we get home from vacation or during a crazy week. After coming home from vacation, there is nothing better than opening the fridge and seeing so many healthy, delicious options! ”

Christina Frankel
Private chef client in Manhattan

“Chef Kelsey's food was the right combination of creative and simple, and the fact that she knows so much about nutrition set me at ease. Her positive, gentle nature was a joy to have in my home on an ongoing basis. I highly recommend her as a personal chef and as a caterer."

Rose Pritzker
Private chef client in Manhattan

"Kelsey is an excellent cook! For over three months, she has been preparing healthy, flavorful and satisfying meals for my family of four.  She is super efficient and a wizard in the kitchen. Her cooking takes away the worrisome burden about what to eat for dinner, not to mention the benefit to our waistlines and wallets!"

Kathy Nissenbaum
Private chef client in Brooklyn

“I was so blown away and impressed by the amazing & delicious flavor of the meals that Kelsey's incredible skills produced! She makes it fun and exciting to eat healthy!”

Graig W
Private chef client in Manhattan


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